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If you’re looking for a clever and exciting proposal story, this is not the place. We have discussed about getting married for years and agreed a long time ago that it was something we both wanted to do. The when and how was a bit fuzzy. Weddings are expensive! We would have loved to have a huge celebration with all 250 of you (yes, we have a lot of family and friends) but that just isn’t in the budget quite yet. We were patient for a while, saving little bits of money here and there, but the urge to sign some paperwork and trade jewelry just got to be too much so, in early February we went down to the Jewelry District and bought rings. Then, we took the day off on Tuesday, March 7th and went down to the Beverly Hills Courthouse and got our marriage license.

While we were there, we set up our “appointment” get married in 2 months’ time on May 5th, 2017. It was a gorgeous day so afterward we celebrated by going to Universal Studios and having some rum and butterbeer.

Then we threw together a wedding in <2 months! Patricia has been to many weddings, having grown up with a mother who was a wedding photographer, and luckily had ideas of what works, what would be important, and what would be a hassle or be forgotten. We told our parents, ordered our announcements, and made a detailed to-do spreadsheet.

Patricia’s dad, George, took Cole shopping for his suit:

Patricia had hair and makeup practices:


In attendance:

  • Cole’s father, Howard, and Howard’s wife, Alicia
  • Cole’s stepfather, Reggy, and Reggy’s wife, Rose, and Cole’s siblings, Michelle and Matt
  • Patricia’s mother, Teresa
  • Patricia’s father, George, Patricia’s stepmother, Robyn, and Patricia’s siblings, Jacky and Garrett
  • Patricia’s best friend and the official witness, Sarah, and Sarah’s husband, Edward
  • In loving memory of Terri, Cole’s mom, Cole wore a small pair of her earrings

If you are reading this, you were probably there symbolically as part of Patricia’s bouquet and Cole’s boutonniere. Patricia made them out of paper roses such as these:


The flowers made out of book pages are from a copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The flowers made out of maps were meticulously cut out and folded from an atlas and include (at least) the following places where you, our loved ones, are from or currently live as well as places we have been to, places we will be going to, and places we would like to travel to someday:

The ceremony was at 11am at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. A professional photographer was hired and those photos will be available on this site in about 4 weeks from the wedding date. In the meantime, here are a few candid shots:



We took our guests to Fogo de Chão, a Brazilian Steakhouse we both enjoy. Neither of us really likes cake but we both really love donuts so we ordered donuts as our dessert (yes, that’s Pinky and the Brain representing us near the donut tower). In loving memory of Patricia’s grandparents, the happy couple used the grandparents’ wedding cake knife to cut a donut.


Find you someone who looks at you the way that Suzi is looking at this meat



SO MUCH THANKS to our family who fought L.A. traffic to make it to celebrate our special day!

Click here for more wedding pictures

Click here to read Cole’s and Patricia’s Vows


Photographer: Eleonora Barna

Donuts: Donut Friend

Restaurant: Fogo de Chão

Patricia’s Dress (discontinued): Pinup Girl Clothing

Patricia’s Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear

Patricia’s Hair: Dzyns by Miko

Cole’s Suit: Hollywood Suits

Cole’s Shoes: Steve Madden

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