We met on a dating website. Cole messaged Patricia (known as Suzi to some) first. Two days later he took advantage of her poor sense of Southern California geography (her having recently moved down from the San Francisco Bay Area) and he told her he would be near Pasadena and could meet up for coffee. The truth was, he was nowhere near Pasadena and drove quite far just to meet her, but he didn’t want to seem too earnest.

Two weeks later, Patricia played hooky from work and told Cole that she had the day off and would like to meet up for lunch, knowing that he was actually going to be in the area and really wanted to see him but didn’t want to seem too earnest.

They then drifted apart for a couple of months because of work and life and not wanting to get too serious too fast, but they ended up being matched again on a completely different dating site.

This was over 5 years ago. For a relationship built on lies and enthusiasm, we’re doing pretty well.




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