Our Honeymoon: Day 1

Day 1 was a very, very long day. At the Disneyland Hotel (Anaheim), we were up before the sun (4:45am PST, to be exact). We had initially been told we were getting little boxed breakfasts to eat on the shuttle to LAX but we were surprised by room service.

Many of us were on the same flight so we all hopped on the shuttle to LAX as Disney magic swept up our luggage to meet us there. Patricia fell asleep on the 40-minute ride to the airport; unfortunately, she did not sleep AT ALL on the 14(?) hour flight to Hong Kong.

The take-off at LAX took quite a while, as we were told it was “too busy.” Eventually, we boarded the plane. We took Cathay Pacific and absolutely loved it. Patricia likes to bring gifts of candy to the flight crew whenever we fly further than northern CA. As we learned is customary with the culture, the Cathay Pacific crew tried to not accept the gift until we insisted. Later in the flight, the manager came to us and brought us a large plastic bag of all kinds of goodies from first class as well as champagne. They refused to accept a gift without giving something in return.

As we rode the shuttle from the Hong Kong airport to the HK Disneyland Resort, we got some great views of HK, a mix of lush, green, and humid as well as unbelievably tall buildings built only a few feet apart from each other. Given that they don’t have earthquakes like we do in California, they can do that.

Once at the HK Disneyland Hotel, we met our Chinese tour guide, Daisy (who was also AMAZING and WONDERFUL). She was with us throughout the 12-day adventure. We had about an hour and a half to go to our rooms and do some exploring before our welcome dinner. In our room was adorable honeymoon towel art of Donald Duck and Daisy (Duck) and a honeymoon greeting card and then MORE honeymoon buttons.

The elevators spoke the three main languages spoken in Hong Kong: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. The hotel was gorgeous. During our welcome dinner we had introductions to our Disney Adventure Family (note: it is NOT a “tour group”), we got more honeymoon pins (omg we have so many pins, you guys), and on top of that, we learned that each day of our trip we would be getting special pins to commemorate that day, some of which were made especially for this trip. So, if we see any of them on eBay, we have an idea who did it, ha!

Our main takeaway from Daisy and Dusty for the adventure was that things are “not wrong, not right, just different.”

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