Our Honeymoon: Day 0

Hi everyone! Finally getting around to posting some honeymoon pictures and stories. Between our two cameras and the cameras of our adventure guides, there are over 3,000 photos to go through and many, many stories to tell. We figure the best way to go through this all is chronologically, so welcome to Day 0!

Our Adventures by Disney trip actually started right here in Southern California at the Disneyland we all know and love. We arrived to the hotel early, as we didn’t need to “be” anywhere until noon. We checked in and as you can see in the photos, our room had a lovely view of the roof of Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar. At noon we went into the Blue Sky Suite, a gorgeous event space in the hotel decorated in a Mid-Century Modern motif. We met our first adventure guide, Dusty, and we immediately knew this was going to be the best trip ever. More of our group poured into the room (16 of us total) and we all made introductions. Dusty informed us that this trip is a very special, one-time-only, annual pass holders’ trip. We are the only 16 people to ever do this trip with this itinerary. Also, this means everyone on the trip is a Disneyland or Disneyworld annual pass holder. The group was small, there were no children, and we all got along exceptionally well. After eating lunch in the Blue Sky Suite, Dusty told us to meet back there at 2p for our adventure to begin. Dusty told us that our job during the trip was to turn off our brains and let them handle everything. One of his favorite things to say was, “You’re with Disney; don’t worry about it.”

So Cole and I went down to Trader Sam’s and had a drink, of course.

At 2p, we met up with our Disney Adventure Family and began our VIP tour with Doug, a Disneyland cast member. While we were in the Blue Sky Suite we were given fast passes that work for 3 rides (any ride) in either park except not for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Not to worry, we got to walk right into the Fastpass line and ride it because we had the best fastpass of all: Doug! In fact, Doug walked us on to a bunch of rides. We didn’t even have to wait in the fastpass lines, we just walked in through the exits. We just kept staring at each other and asking if this was all really happening. It was amazing.

We got a special backstage tour of Soarin’ Over the World where we went behind/underneath the screen and into cast member space. We then went over to Disneyland proper and had appetizers in an event space connected to the Hall of Presidents. During the whole trip we had a lot of opportunities to get photos with characters. Pirate Mickey and Minnie were there while we had appetizers (the beginning of our progressive dinner through the park) and we were also given special buttons designed for our specific adventure family. We were actually given many special buttons and exclusive pins during this adventure.

After appetizers, we had a special presentation from the Creative Lead Imagineer for Treasure Cove, the pirate-themed land in Shanghai Disneyland. He showed us a slide show as well as video of the project, which let us behind the scenes on how everything was made.

It was then time to head across the way into Walt Disney’s private apartment above the fire house. As we were the newlyweds, we got to ring the doorbell. It was small and cozy and the docent, J’Amy, was amazing. I don’t think there was a dry eye as she told stories of the Disney family’s time in the apartment. It was full of antiques (Lily Disney loved antiques) and still had their appliances such as Walt’s well-used sandwich maker. Apparently, there even used to a be a fire pole that Walt could slide down but eventually, an enterprising young guest figured out that if someone can slide down, then someone could climb up and the pole was sealed off. One of the favorite stories we heard was about Walt leaving the apartment in the middle of the night and going to Adventure Land, where there was an orange juice stand, and getting the night workers to come over while he [Walt] squeezed fresh orange juice and they hung out and drank o.j. in the middle of the night and told stories. Our group was the last tour group to stand on the original carpet in the apartment (they have since added runners to preserve the original carpet).

After the apartment tour we went to New Orleans Square and rode the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We walked through the exit and there was an empty boat waiting for us. The cast member said, “You’re all annual pass holders. You all know how to get on the boat. It’s all yours.” They didn’t even divide us up into the seats, they just knew we already knew how to. It was fantastic. After that, we went next door to have the main course at the Blue Bayou restaurant before heading up to the Dream Suite where we had desserts and special seating for the fireworks.

The Dream Suite (aka 21 Royal). WOW WOW WOW, YOU GUYS. There are many pictures in the gallery below. What we didn’t know is that the Dream Suite is “enchanted,” much like the tiki room. There are buttons for certain things called “kisses good night” where there is all of a sudden light shows and singing birds and steam trains and jungle sounds and hidden Mickeys and it was nothing short of magical. We weren’t allowed to take video, unfortunately, but pictures were allowed. Some of our group went to special seating in front of the castle to watch the fireworks but we decided to hang out in the Dream Suite, eat desserts, drink coffee, and stand on the balcony and wave to the peasants below before watching the fireworks from there.

After the fireworks, we still have three fastpasses to use so we went on Indiana Jones, the Matterhorn, and Space Mountain before hopping onto the Monorail and heading back to the hotel. Oh, and the bed in the hotel lights up with Tinkerbell and fireworks and we slept with those on all night.

The first day was so incredible, that if that was the whole trip, it would have been more than enough. Disneyland has been forever changed for us.



Update! Totally forgot to add the pictures we got from Dusty, so here you go!

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