China visas successfully acquired!

On the Monday after the wedding we did a bunch of administrative things. We went down to the Chinese consulate to apply for our visas. We already had meticulously filled out the paperwork and had the required photos taken. We got to the consulate and took a number. There were at least 150 people there. We waited 3 hours until our numbers were called. We got to the window and turned in our applications in under 4 minutes. She told us to come back on Thursday to pick them up. Patricia worked Thursday morning then took the rest of the day off, expecting another long wait to pick up the visas.

She got there and was in and out in 5 minutes total. The lesson learned: go in the afternoon.

Patricia is now free to travel to China for the next 10 years. Cole’s passport expires soon so his visa is only until the end of this year.

Disney has already booked all our flights and hotels. This was the last required paperwork we needed. China, here we come!

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